A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Nami trains the relay swimming team for the coming competition. There are various reasons why she wants to win so she has to find ways to motivate the team!

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, animated, Eroge, Multiple Endings, NSFW, swimming
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksPatreon, SubscribeStar


Relay_Swimming_PC.zip 109 MB
RelaySwimming.apk 343 MB


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This game is a bit of a mixed bag. Firstly, I like kk20ven and their previous games make something happen and 15 days a ninja. Relay Swimming in terms of game play and content is probably the worst out of the three. It is still good but feels lacking. I feel like there has been a visual improvement and animation improvement since the last game. To start discussing the problems. Firstly, the game play, personally I play games like this for nsfw content if the game play outside that content is fun then great. for me the best mix is having as much small nsfw content between the big scenes and animation in the game. This was present in both of kk20ven’s other games. in 15 days, a ninja their was reward animations at the hot spring, at the shop and for beating all the missions along with the still of the defeated ninja after beating a mission and the progression of charming each of the three girls. In make something happen nearly every training option had some form of nsfw context when training both characters along with the many endings and the special ending. In this game there is very little NSFW content until you beat the game. There are eight NSFW scenes in the gallery for the free version however many of these scenes are lacking. Two of them are pretty much the same scene with different girls so lets call that one scene. The shopping ending would be fine if it was more explicit, but it feels like not much happens in it. The first aid scene also feels like nothing because nothing is visible. Now the nurse ending and both love hotel endings are very good, I was not personally a fan of the losing ending but it was fine. So really in my opinion there were only 6 nsfw scenes as the HJ scenes really count as one, while the shopping and first aid scenes really feel like nothing happens. This puts all the good scenes at the end of the game unlike the progression and varying nsfw content of the previous two games. Now there are four scenes hidden behind a pay wall which I don’t mind. Artist and game creators must make money too. However, I do think there are better forms of monetize games like this such as giving the game to patrons early or giving cheats to patrons because in the current state that the game is in with missing content does not hold up to the quality of the last two games. The training and swimming mini game at the end were fine but with all the best scenes at the end of the game I found myself just spamming through the training to get to the end. This is all to say I like all the games  kk20ven has made and I hope they make more in the future but this one is the weakest game they have produced.

Thanks for your comment, unfortunately I won’t start another game soon but if I do, I’ll take what you said into account.


Hey, I’m back and I made the game public again. I’ve started working on a new game and took into account what you said : Having the nsfw only at the end make the rest of the game kind of tedious.

Glad to have you back man i hope you can make more games i will support you

Hey glad your back, I felt really bad after you took this game down. Your games have always been great so I'm excited for whatever you make next!

Wasn't convinced about the new shaders at first, but they ended up looking good! Good job!


I think I can do better with the shaders, I still have a lot to learn